Minx • designer nail wraps


I discovered Minx Nails because of their recent promotion with Jean Paul Gaultier. BUT THEN I looked further and found out these women are creating some of the hottest looks in nail fashion. It seems like these nail wrap designs picked up where the Sally Hansen Salon Effects leave off and are running with it like they’re training for the London Olympics. It’s official: I’m a fan.


My next step is to figure out where they are doing these in Los Angeles so I can try it out.  My first step was their handy Find a Stylist page.  Yelp was also helpful but the reviews were only so-so. I discovered that there are not that many salons who carry Minx yet. The price point ($65/manicure) and the brand’s reputation for not lasting very long leave me wondering.  Their professional kit runs close to $300.   I am such a DIY girl, my mind immediately wonders how hard can it really be to get the kit and play around with it myself.  <– It’s okay to laugh at my manicurist delusions.  But shoot… I’m serious.  How hard could it be? Plus they have a training video so umm… yeah, adding that to my Christmas list.

Have you had any experiences with Minx nails?

Any tips for making this nail bling last a bit longer?

If so, please share.  We definitely want to know more.


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