Donna Summer nails… My Disco Ball Ode to the original bad girl Donna Summer

Disco ball nails


In honor of the incomparable queen of disco, Donna Summer, who passed away earlier today, I will be sporting nails like this all weekend.  (Special shout out to Katy Perry for giving me the idea.)

This look is going to take a lot of patience though.  First I need the silver nail polish. Check. Next, the nail decorations and some fancy tweezers.  Ready to go!

Of course, there are easier ways to go.  Right glitter nail polish will give the same vibe without the hassle of setting each rhinestone in place.  And if you are a perfectionist like me, you already know that could really take some major concentration.  My personal favorite glitter polish is by Milani because their huge flakes really pop on your nails.  However, if you’re more interested in depth than dimension, OPI’s Muppet Collection might do the trick for you as well.

Rest in peace Ms. Summer. We’re gonna get the party started right for you weekend.

or rather…

Toot toot… Hey… Beep Beep!

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